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Android Phone

See how much your device is worth...


Search for your deviceSearch for your deviceUse our search box to find the device you want to sell and place an order with us
Post DevicePost your devicePackage and freepost your device as per the pack instructions.
Get your cashGet PAIDPayments are issued within 5 working days

Why use Mobiles and Gadgets?

Finding new homes for your unwanted devices, our chosen partner (E-GIANT) has so far recycled over 500,000 devices.
The aim is to provide a seamless customer experience and one place for all your device needs. 

The service is fast, simple and reliable, using freepost there are no return fees…giving you the confidence to keep coming back!

For E-GIANT terms and conditions of business through please click here

What We Do?

We help you sell your device for cash. We recycle and recondition each phone/device and then distribute them to various parts of the world.

How does it work?

Once you have completed the order form, you will receive a conformation email from E-Giant, with your order number and instructions on what to do next.  

What happens when I send you my phone?

Once we receive your device, we test them and if there are any issues we contact you to discuss. Once agreed we will make payment to you via the bank details you provide.